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Horseshoe studs in detail


  • The threaded stud cleans the thread in the horseshoe upon being screwed in by the cleaning grooves in the thread (self-tapping)
  • Simple assembly
  • No potentially dangerous use of a thread drill required
  • The threaded hole can be closed between tournaments by shoe pins type 1. This prevents dirt accumulation in the threaded hole and provides a significantly better and safer stand in the stable lane.
  • Our studs are made of best steel.
  • They are case-hardened / induction hardened and have a galvanised surface
  • You can order the studs in the thread sizes M10, M12, or 3/8 inch
  • Types 22/23/24/26 are made of stainless steel 1.4305
  • Hexagon in sizes 14 and 17 mm
  • We recommend thread size M12
  • The threaded studs M10 and 3/8 inch should be tightened with a maximum torque of 20 Newton
  • The thread size M12 should be tightened with a maximum torque of 25-30 Newton
  • Huge selection, the best stud for every soil
  • Special threads and special shapes available on request
  • Please note that types 5 / 12 / 14 / 15 / 21 / 25 are overall case-hardened. In exceptional cases, this can cause the hardened thread pitches to break. This is a normal process for which we can assume no liability

Which studs to use when

Pointed and sharp studs are normally used on hardened soil and hard surfaces. For hard ground, special shapes are also an option. For soft and muddy soils, we recommend wide and edgy stud shapes. Larger and longer studs are often used for the back hooves.

Rule of thumb: Screw in shorter studs at the front and longer ones at the back.

Suggested applications

Areas of application

Jumping, driving, eventing, cross-country, polo, dressage, leisure time, farrier