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Stud kit "Champion - Simone Blum 2018"

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With 38 pieces of studs in SW14mm

The right case for champions, or those who want to be!

8 x Type 23
8 x Type 24
10 x Type 22
12 x Type 26
60 plugs " Treits " (The color of the plugs depends on the thread)

1 x socket wrench SW14mm
1 x Treits-Off, to remove the Treits.
1 x Treits - On, for screwing in the Treits.
1 x thread cutter
1 x ratchet wrench (open-end - box wrench)
1 x cleat case

This case is also available with other studs with wrench size 6kt. - 14mm available.
The delivery is always with 38 pieces of cleats.
If you want to change the standard cleat equipment, you must enter this in the field " Remarks "!!!
Attention: The delivery is without picture

Stud kit "Champion - Simone Blum 2018"
Stud kit "Champion - Simone Blum 2018" Sale price€189,95